If You Build It They Will Come...

Australian International 3 Day Event  πŸ“·@off_the_track_eventing

Australian International 3 Day Event


If you build it they will come… The Australian Equestrian scene is a kaleidoscope of amazing venues and competitions which means we can now showcase the sport of Equestrian to a wider audience than ever before.  The Australian Dressage Championship, Boneo Park, PSI Dressage & Jumping with the Stars, Australian International 3 Day Event, ASJC Australian Showjumping Championships, Wallaby Hill,  Brisbane CDI, Wandin Park,  Melbourne International 3 Day Event, Dressage Masterclass, Equestrian Australia, Equitana Australia, Willinga Park...There are some visionary people backing our sport and then there are the rest of us who who will reap the benefits of that vision for years to come. 

We each have a terrific opportunity to show our support both as competitors and spectators. If we buy the best tickets we can afford and support the sponsors and traders that back these events, we can show corporate Australia just how much interest there is in the sport of equestrian. Follow the event posts and use their hashtags, help the sport of equestrian in Australia β€œgo viral.” Pack a picnic and invite your non horsey friends to the next major competition on the calendar; help spread the word! 

As passionate equestrians we have been given a pivotal role to play in helping the visionaries of our sport showcase the Australian equestrian scene to Asia Pacific and beyond!

Fi 🐎