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Equestology is a new platform for sharing the latest scientific research in equestrian sport and the management of performance horses. For the passionate equestrian, horse welfare is rarely far from one's thoughts; a pursuit that is as physical as it is emotional. Equestology is devoted to helping equestrians of all disciplines take the best possible care of their horses as they pursue their goals in the saddle. Scroll down to read our latest, evidence-based reports on:

The Science Of Horse Care

The Science Of Training The Equine Athlete

Science For The Tack Room

The Science Of Rider Fitness

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The Science of Horse Care

For in every equestrian partnership, the horse comes first.

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The Science of Training The Equine Athlete

For sport horse training is all about achieving results.

Science For The Tack Room

For everything that is between you and your horse.

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The Science Of Rider Fitness

For there are two athletes in every equestrian partnership.

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The sport of equestrian, for the true devotee, is not actually a sport, it is a lifestyle. For the passionate equestrian, the hours engaged in the care of our horses extends way beyond the time in the saddle. A pursuit that is as physical as it is emotional with the welfare of our horses rarely far from our thoughts. Our lives are shaped by that connection; our being defined by it. 

At Equestology we are dedicated to helping you take the best possible care of your horses as you pursue your equestrian goals. 


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